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I made these cards yesterday from home made paper. If you want to know how to make home made paper just type it in your browser,,,,, there is tons of How to’s on making paper on the net, no since in me posting another.

I thought I would share with you these picture ideas for a very rustic looking handmade card. I love the way they turned out. and to make the envelopes, well, there are tons of templates out there for those too.

But, do you know how to make the sticky on the envelope? You can buy double sided tape.! Sticks to the envelope on one side then when your ready to seal you just peel off the top plastic. Nice:)

They are hand torn, with reg. paper inserts for easy writting. Another Idea : I made some handmade paper and added wild flower seeds. How cool is that, to send flowers and a card in one envelope! They get to keep the note inside and plant the paper and watch the flowers grow:)


I made handmilled soap today and thought I would post instruction here for you adventurious crafters. It’s really very easy.

You can use store bought soap, Not my preference though, but if you don’t make soap it’s ok. You could always purchase hand made soap which is a much better choice simply because it is such a better quality soap and better for  you!

If you do buy store bought soap try to find a facial bar. You can also use glycerin soap….just not with the recipe I am going to give you here.

This recipe makes 3-4oz bars of soap.

Ingredients you’ll need:

A mold, either store bought or a small plastic container from  your kitchen

Freezer paper or Petroleum jelly or mineral oil

7 cups of grated soap (aprx. 4 bars of soap)

1/2 c. water

5 grams jojoba oil

5 grams castor oil

5 grams cocoa butter

1/4 scoop of powdered goat milk

1 oz of fragrance oil or essential oil

Skin safe coloring (optional)

Double boiler

There are many ways to melt down soap but I have found for me this is the easiest method.

Add water to the bottom portion of your double boiler. Put the entire setup on the stove on high. Add your soap and 1/2 cut of water. Stir to coat. Put the lid on. When water begins to boil, turn the eye down to simmer.

Stir your soap occasionally throughout the melting process. Meanwhile you can prepare you mold one of three ways: 1) make a lining with freezer paper or 2) cover the mold in mineral oil or petroleum jelly.

When your soap is melted add your cocoa butter and put the lid back on for 5 min.

Then add the remaining ingredients. You can also add color at this time. Be sure it is skin safe.

Remove your top pan from the double boiler and stir in your fragrance well. Glop it into your mold.

Now for the hard part…..set it aside until 100% cool:)

If you have trouble unmolding your soap, pop it into the freezer for a bout 10 min. but no longer. It should pop out nicely.

Have fun:)

Makes a beautiful gift!
The first one is Peppermint Tea (made with cocoa butter, goat milk, peppermint tea and peppermint FO) Love how it turned out so smooth, not rough like handmilled soap at all.
The second photo is more rustic looking. I was not able to bang the mold on the table to smooth is out. Scented with vanilla rose, I added goat milk, jojoba oil and cocoa butter.

What a lovely gift this makes! And easy peezy to do too!

Buy yourself one or two artificial bunches of flower….roses, daisies, whatever you fancy. Remove the buds from half of the bunch. Hot glue a cotton ball around the end of the stem.

You’ll need to purchase baby items for each flower removed. The examples above include: 1 onesie, 1 bib, 2 pairs of socks and 2 hats.

Simply roll up the baby items and they will look like rose buds.

Slip the baby items over the cotton.

Now wrap your flowers however you like. I used tissue paper.

Add a bow and YOUR DONE! Easy, lovely and will be the prized gift of the shower! Have fun.



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