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Posted on: February 24, 2010

I have Fibro so in 2009 I started seeing a fabulous Herbal Dr. in my area. At the time I didn’t know he worked with herbs and supplements and was very skeptical when I found out. Those kinds of things have never worked for me before. He did a lot of blood work and found several things wrong. Long story short, I am now practically pain free and feel great!!

In our discussions of ‘me needing to lose weight’ he told me about the Ideal Protein diet. He studied this diet in Japan with athletes for years and said it is the first and only program he has sponsored in his clinic.

You lose 3-4 lbs a week!! I’d been losing 3-4 pounds every month and a half:( & starving!

So here is the way it works:

Basically you stop eating carbs, sugars and fats. You have a protein drink in the a.m. and one at lunch with 2 cups of veggies (2 cups is a lot!!) Then for supper you have a normal portioned size of meat with 2 cups of veggies. You can also eat all the lettuce you want. They do have quite a variety of stuff, and you don’t have to stick to the drinks. They have egg omelets and cereal, cereal bars ect. The chocolate drink is my favorite, it’s soooo yummy!

You do have to take supplements while on this diet. One is for your bowls, which when not use to getting it’s normal food can cause problems for a while. The other two are Potassium calcium and a multi-vitamin. Oh and you have to drink 64 oz. of water a day. That is really hard for me.

You also check in once a week for measurements and to check your weight. Once you reach your goal you slowly incorparate regular food back into your diet. There is lots of support from your coach and in my case, If I don’t like a particular food and can switch the remaining packs of that food for something different. So  I’m not stuck with something I don’t like.

Cost: There is no joining fee or anything like that. You purchase your food and supplements and that’s it. I’ll have to get back with you on the cost of food.  My initial visit cost me $183.00 but that included 4 weeks of food, supplements, and a shaker.

What this diet is doing is flushing out all the carbs and sugars so that the body will draw off it’s FAT reserves. You lose fat and not muscle.

You can check it out here: You’ll also be able to call them and find a dr. in your area the supports this diet.

I am on day 3

Day one: Was easy!! I felt full and satisfied.

Day two: I was really hungry at supper time. This is the bodies natural response as it tries to draw reserves from carbs that are not there. But after eating my meat well seasoned and my stemed asparagus I was good to go.  I did cravesomething sweet….this too is something the body is use to and craves but it will quickly pass. (Soon I hope!! lol)

Day three: I did good until about 2:00 and for some reason I started getting hungry. I was told this might happen the first week. So by supper time I was starved and I feel like I ate too much. I ate more than I normally would have anyway. I ate probably two cups of baked chicken and 2 cups of cooked cabbage. I was very full and felt guilty for eating so much. But according to the instructions of this diet I did not cheat.

Day four:I was a little hungry when I woke. Had my choc. shake. By 11:00 I was really hungry again. At noon I had my Ideal Protein soup and a salad. I’m currently feeling nice and full. We are expecting company for supper….let’s see how I do:)

I did good, My pork tenderloin melted in your mouth. I had just a small one and a salad.:)

Day Six: Was hard. I was so hungry. Supper time I probably ate too much to eat. I fried the stead in 2 tbs. of OO and that was a no no….I forgot:( And I fixed fried onions with it and then later noticed that I wasn’t suppose to cook onions. I can only have them raw. So I feel like I have messed my diet up:( But it’s only one day. I’m back on track tomorrow:)

Day Seven: Hungry this morning. Seems like it is taking this stage a long time to get over! I wait till 8:00 to have my breakfast drink. If I have it too early I am starved by lunch time.

So far I have not done any exercising. The second day on this diet I came down with what I thought was a bladder infection that turned into a kidney stone passing and then the antibiotics I am taking have caused an infection….needless to say I feel Rough!

Tomorrow is weigh-in. I’m dreading it because I don’t ‘feel’ like I’ve lost any weight. I’ve ate more food on this diet than I normally did before I started this diet. So we shall see.  One thing is for sure…..this diet has not been as easy as I expected it to be. I know they said I would go through symptoms while my body adjusted to not getting any carbs, sugars, or fats, but man I sure will be glad when this hunger part passes!!!

Day Eight: This morning I was very upset! I put on my loose baggy  pants that weren’t loose anymore!! This had me in tears because I immediately thought I had gained weight. So I boohoooed to my dh for 20 min. then I got ready to go in to my weigh in session. When she asked me how I did, I broke into tears again! And again in BIG tears after she weighed me. I Lost 8 lbs and 5 inches!!!! The last tears were “tears of relief” !

You see I’ve had a really hard time and been totally unable to lose weight in the past. My thyroid was messed up and other boring details, so the thoughts of this diet not working REALLY upset me!

So I am one happy camper, and oh ya, the reason my pants didn’t fit, well it is that time of the month again 😦


Day Nine: I guess I’m going to have every symptom there is to have with this diet. They give you a list of possible symptoms and so far I have had them all. Today I am so week and tired! Not quiet as hungry though just TIRED!

I’m suppose to be eating more, but I just can’t. I’m not use to eat so much. My counselor said she didn’t think it was enough, but it’s what I’m use to….small meals throughout the day, just a bit e here and there and maybe one meal. For example a typical day for me would be: a small bowl of cereal,  a bite of something out of the fridge like a small hand full of carrots at around 10:30, a latte at lunch or a half sandwich, a single bite of something out of the fridge at mid afternoon and a small plate (saucer size) at supper. Maybe a snack before bedtime like popcorn. I’ve never been a big eater. And your probably wondering How I gained so much weight. I don’t really know other than I had some major health issues that have now been corrected- thank goodness!

She said if I don’t eat enough my body will shut down because it will think I am starving it and I disagree because my body is use to eating small amts. at a time. So for this week, I’m going to eat the amt.s I am comfortable with and see what the results are.

Day Ten: Well I messed up today! I thought I could go out to eat and stay on track with this diet, but my husband wanted to go to the Chinese restaurant. I couldn’t order baked anything there! So I got a tiny bit of beef w/ steamed broccoli and a salad. Unfortunately I didn’t have my salad dressing with me so I chose the Italian dressing, I figured it was closer to a vinaigrette closer to my diet restrictions. So I have officially cheated and I really feel bad, so I won’t be eating out anymore unless I get to choose the restaurant.

Otherwise, yes I’m still on the hungry side. Tho according to my counselor I wouldn’t be if I would eat more:(

Day 11: I was so tempted this morning while I was making the kids pancakes for breakfast. I added huckleberries!! OOOOO I so wanted a pancake. I don’t think I will make it 3 months on this diet without cheating, but I will go as long as I can.

I’ve never been a great fan of vegetables, though I have learned to like them. Now, to be honest, I’m starting to get real sick of the limited vegetables I can have! But that’s just me. My husband would never get tired of them. Tonight I don’t plan on eating any. I thought I would eat my meat and then maybe a half pack of protein or something since I’m suppose to be eating a third pack anyway.

Day14: Sorry I haven’t written, but there was really nothing to tell. I’m not as hungry as I was, but that is because I am eating the way I want to which means I just save my vegetables and eat them when I want to. Speaking of vegetables….I’m getting really sick of the same o same o. So yesterday I did not eat a single vegetable.

I’ve also started walking. I’m really feeling good and I can tell I’ve lost weight. Tomorrow will be the tell all though as it is weigh in time again:)
To be continued…..

Maybe I will catalog my results here for you to see…..and I certainly could use all the encouragement I could get!:)

What are your thoughts?


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