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I made soap today!!

Posted on: February 23, 2010

I finally got a chance to make soap today! It’s been three months since I made a batch. I made love spell fragrance (which is very popular) Goat Milk soap with mango butter. I think it will be really nice soap.

I made it in a pringles can so I could have round bars. Then I dyed some coffee filters Pink to wrap them in, with a ribbon and a home made sticker, it should be a very prettily wrapped soap. Least I’m hoping so:) Can’t wait to cut them and get um all wrapped up. I’ll post a pic tomorrow afternoon:)

Some soapers freeze their goat milk for soap and add it to the lye. It’s a pain in the butt to do it this way because you have to do it really really slowly! And then you still get a dark colored soap. It stinks while your making it and sometimes even burns.

I like to add it at the end, subtracting my Goat milk liquid amt. from my water amt. and add it in the end. If your using concentrated milk or milk powder you can still accomplish 100% Goat Milk soap this way. I don’t have to put up with the stinch or worry of adding it to my lye. You’ll also get a lighter colored goat milk soap.

UPDATE: And it didn’t turn out:( I guess I’m out of practice. I put it in the oven, forgetting that it was a milk soap, by the time I thought of it and ran to take it out, it was too late:(

Oh well, not a total loss, I was able to cut off the top.
I also forgot to put my beloved p.sugar in and I wanted pink and got salmon.:(
I dyed some coffee filters to wrap them in. I think the packaging is rather pretty. You can dye them with food coloring and then to reshape, just fold in half again and again until you can’t fold anymore. Then open, you might have to hand crease a few. As you wrap the soap  you have to fold on those creases as you wrap around the soap , in order to get it tight. Then add a ribbon and a sticker.


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