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The Movie- ‘Dear John’ my review

Posted on: February 19, 2010

A friend and I went to see this movie yesterday and I was pretty disapointed. It had a good story line but, In my opinion it was ruined by the scene with his father in the hospital. I mean this was suppose to be a Very romantic love story between two people and yet he says that the two things he thought of before he passed out from the gun shot wound was coins and his father. HUH?

Well I get that the story mentions his relationship with his father, but again, this was suppose to be a love story between John and Savannah ( Amanda Seyfried) that scene just made me think…..”well he wasn’t too in love with her.”

I also thought it could have been played out better by the director and more drama and emotional issues could have been brought forward if they had detailed why she let him go and married. So basically the way it was written, they fell in “puppy love” with each other during two weeks of summer, he goes off to war, they write each other and then she marries another man giving him nor the viewers reason why she is dumping him. And then when his big dramatic scene where he gets shot, he thinks of coins and his father ?????

I guess the director was aiming for an emotional shock as to why she married but it really didn’t work out that way, in fact the audience in the theater actually laughed at the scene and were disgusted!! The guy she married came off in the film as a fatherly figure not only to his son but to her as well and he WAS NOT very nice looking! I had to agree with the audience, I said ,”ewwww ” right along with them!

Tell me your thoughts on this movie if you’ve seen it.


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